Tracing our roots back to 2004, we are a group of pure car enthusiasts, some of us engineers, some artisans, designers and mechanics. We came together because of something that we share – the passion for automotive art, the longing for the connection between driver and car and the desire to provide a bespoke and emotional driving experience.

Over the last decades of automotive history, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths in applying technological advancements to improve both the performance and comfort of cars.

However, somewhere along the way something was left behind.

All the automation that is meant to make the driver’s job “easier” has taken something fundamental away. An intangible quality that made up the roots that created the passion, drive and automotive culture and history that we have all learned to love.

That pure, raw, emotional connection that binds driver and car.

More than a decade after the Apollo shook the world by stealth and surprise, a new chapter has begun in our history, an extraordinary new hyper-car, the Apollo IE. We have been hard at work behind the scenes over the past years and passion and pure determination has driven us to create something truly special from a blank sheet of paper. We look forward to revealing the fruits of our labor to the world this fall.