Since the invention of the internal combustion engine in 1807, man has restlessly sought to go faster.

The immutable laws of physics that govern speed are simple. Our tool of choice to challenge these boundaries is the application of engineering efficiency.

In 2004, the company has the singular intent of creating the world’s fastest car. In 2005, it delivered the Gumpert Apollo.

Apollo’s efficiency is born of its German engineering origins, which blends speed and efficiency, form and function, and ultimately is more than science. It is the paradoxical combination of pure German engineering and fine art. And we share these results with you, taking form as the purest expression of engineering in our cars.

The Apollo hypercar was born on the Nurburgring and will always be honed on its curves, designed to master its straights. It is where we belong with a heart that beats with a German purity of purpose.

Our purity of purpose means the driver is at the heart of car, unimpeded by artifice. The records Apollo broke are undeniable, the new milestones we will achieve are unfathomable.

A decade after the Apollo shook the world by stealth and surprise, a new chapter has begun in the car maker’s history: a new technical centre in Denkendorf in Upper Bavaria, an impressive international network of showrooms and most importantly, an extraordinary new hypercar.

We will not rest until we have pushed the boundary of engineering and performance to its breaking point. We are, and will always be, a force in the restive advance of performance, and for us as engineers, this is reason enough.

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