The Apollo IE marks the return to the truest, most organic form of the hyper-car. Created from a blank sheet of paper, the IE is the beginning of the next chapter of Apollo. Our flagship hyper-car that represents the ethos of the brand.

From the beginning, our team set out to build a car that is lightweight, aerodynamically efficient and connected, but unimpeded by any emotionally dilutive technological systems. During the course of achieving this goal we poured in heart and soul, sweat and tears. The journey itself was intensely emotional.

The IE is a superleggera that combines the aerodynamic efficiency and mechanical grip of a modern GT1/GT3/LMP race car with the classical thrill of a high-revving naturally aspirated V12. This car has an organic granularity that other modern hyper-cars strive for, but are unable to deliver. All this while featuring a modern, intensively striking design language that symbolizes the brand.

This is a car that captures the lost emotion and fading spirit of the cars we grow up loving.

A car with its own soul. A car that provides the driver with a modern, yet nostalgically pure, unadulterated sensory experience. A car that is fuel for the senses. A car that lives and breathes with intense emotion.

This is Intensa Emozione. This is the Apollo IE.


The Apollo IE is our passion project.  Our favorite days were the GT1 days of the 90’s and we felt analog cars of this nature would never be produced again so we pursued our vision and in complete secrecy, we designed and built the car of our dreams to pay a modern tribute to this era and most notably, the CLK-GTR, the most successful GT1 car of all-time.

In the relentless pursuit of excellence we took it a step further and created a strategic technical partnership with HWA AG.  HWA stands for the initials of Hans Werner Aufrecht, the founder of AMG, and is the company responsible for the legendary CLK-GTR, both road and race variants.  

For us, it is simple, we either do things the right way or not at all.  The depth and historical significance of the Apollo IE program will stand the test of time, a car with true pedigree, a car inspired by history, a car with a soul.




Intensa Emozione | The Ethos of Apollo

Quite literally, “Intensa Emozione” means intense emotion. These two simple words carry great significance – they are the backbone of everything we do, they describe the journey we trekked, they are the final product of our passion.

We want Apollo to be known as a brand with passion, ideal and demands. Not only have we built a hyper-car with world class performance, but we made certain that this machine is a true event to drive. Our intense emotions motivated and inspired us.


The Apollo IE embarks on a new chapter to ground an intensively striking design language that symbolizes the brand. Pushing the boundaries of design, engineering and extensive applications of exotic materials. The IE’s radical body surfaces are sculpted for tremendous efficiency and highly optimized functionality, reflecting and inspired by tactile fighter jets to apex predators such as sharks and raptors.

The body of the IE narrates the language of the movement of airflow. The idea of the IE is to pierce through and manipulate the air around and also through the vehicle. The convergence of the body panels illustrates radical depth of surfaces and stunning continuity of the body lines. A narrow teardrop shaped glass house allows the IE to achieve its stunning, bold and balanced proportions. Acuate creases and exposed wheels facilitates precise streamlining of airflow whilst resulting in a lightweight appearance grounded by powerful stance. Structural supports such as the rear spine and wing mounts are designed in order to achieve and sustain over 1350 kgs of downforce.

Every part of the Apollo IE is designed for highly functional purposes with a radical approach on style. Prominent elements such as the striking shark like nose, distinctive side aero fins, large angled wing mounts and the trident exhausts, make it instantly recognizable as an Apollo.


CHASSIS –All New featuring cutting-edge technology and hand-built by the best

From the early stages of this project we knew that we wanted and needed to remain true to our core. We wanted to create a modern chassis for the next-generation. Utilizing advanced technologies and composite materials we were able to create a state of the art, bespoke, all-carbon fibre chassis which allows for maximum torsional rigidity, safety and the ability to create a lightweight and!aerodynamically efficient shape.

The all-new Apollo IE platform, features the first all-carbon fiber production chassis of its kind, consisting not only of the monocoque, but subframes and crash structures. The new chassis has been engineered to meet and to partly exceed respective FIA LMP2 safety requirements and features a carbon mono-cell which provides occupant protection without the requirement for a roll-cage.  Key features of the new chassis are its modular design, safety, torsional rigidity,  symmetrical design (offered in both left and right-hand configurations) and its light weight.

Our new chassis is hand-built using a high-quality prepreg-autoclave and the most advanced carbon fiber technology.  The ethos for the car has always been an analog car in a digital world and this pertains not only to the driving experience, but also the hand-crafted nature of every aspect of the car.  

CHASSIS PARTNERS  –A joint effort, the new chassis was co-developed with Apollo, HWA AG and Capricorn Group.  Capricorn is a specialist supplier in the automotive industry with six production facilities in four countries across Europe and their headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Capricorn will produce the Apollo IE chassis and are responsible for producing world-class chassis’s such as the Le Mans winning Porsche 919 LMP1 monocoque.  A list of Capricorn’s successes can be found here.

SAFETY  – Safety remains the utmost importance to us and with that in mind nothing was sacrificed as part of our partnership with HWA AG.  The Apollo IE is built to meet and partly exceed FIA safety requirements and features bespoke carbon fiber front crash structures, mono-cell rollover protection, an integrated fire suppressant system, door hinge safety system and the fuel cell resides within a carbon/kevlar safety cell integrated into the monocoque which is designed to ensure the highest level of safety and prevention of fuel cell punctures in the event of an impact.

BRAKES  – The IE uses a new Brembro carbon ceramic (CCM) system with 380×34 mm and a 6-piston caliper in the front and 380×34 mm, 4-piston caliper at the rear.

TYRES  – Michelin is our official tyre supplier and partner. We work together to help identify and develop the optimal tyres to extract maximum performances from the IE. The Michelin tyres allow the IE to achieve lateral forces in excess of 2G.


The IE features Formula One inspired double wishbone with full push-rod and rocker arm architecture on both the front and rear, along with adjustable anti-roll bars. The dampers are provided by Bilstein and are adjustable by the driver in three modes (Comfort, Sport, Auto).

In addition, the design of the suspension and components selected allow for a personal tuning and modification for each client. We allow our clients the ability to develop their own bespoke suspension setup.

The development of the suspension system was designed to achieve maximum performances, but also carry a targeted level of refinement in order to provide a capable, yet reliable driving experience. One which permits the driver to have full control of comfort and performance levels with electronic damper adjustability at their fingertips and the practicality of an Electro-Hydraulic lifter system that can raise the vehicle height by 50 mm up to 30 kph front and rear. All this was achieved while also incorporating a pneumatic quick-lift system with 4 air-jacks for easy pit-service operations in order to allow the IE to partake in serious circuit events.



No turbos. No hybrid systems. A proper balance of old and new.

The Apollo IE is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V12 engine. This ICE unit produces in excess of 780hp and 760nM of torque. The power unit was originally developed in partnership with our partner, Autotecnica Motori. However, since establishing our technical partnership with HWA AG we have since re-developed the application and taken the calibration a step further.  The final production powertrain revs in excess of  9,000rpm and has undergone an extensive development programme with HWA on road, track and their bespoke transient dynamometers.  The transient dyno allowed us to run dynamic test cycles utilizing the entire powertrain for prolonged periods while simulating various race tracks around the globe. This process helped optimize the overall performance of the engine, gearbox refinement and test the longevity of the final application.

The IE features three engine Map-modes selected by the driver: Wet, Sport and Race – The selection is indicated on “Engine Map page” on main Display.  The engine has been tuned to run on a variety of fuel types which include pump fuel ranging from 91 octane up to 100+ octane racing fuel.

The decision to refrain from using any emotionally dilutive technological systems, such as hybridization, was made to deliver a modern, yet nostalgically, pure, unadulterated sensory experience.


The power and torque of the Apollo IE is transmitted through a longitudinal Hewland sequential 6-speed+Rev gearbox with fully interchangeable gear ratios. The gearbox is operated via electro-pneumatic paddle shifters that move with the steering wheel so the next gear is always within the driver’s reach.

Utilizing this solution allows for a strong, race-proven gearbox that provides significant weight savings over a dual-clutch unit and yet lightening fast gear changes.  The gearbox has been further developed in collaboration with our technical partner, HWA AG, for our specific application.  We have achieved the highest level of refinement with a gearbox of this type, whilst still retaining the spirit of a true GT1 racing car.

The powertrain is connected to the wheels by two superalloy lightweight semi-axles, designed by the Austrian specialist Pankl Racing Systems AG.


One of the key distinctive features of the Apollo IE is its aerodynamic efficiency which allows it to achieve world-class performances and extreme levels of downforce that far surpasses other cars in its category.

At 300km/h the IE produces over 1,350kg of net downforce. The downforce is properly balanced with 44.5% on the front and 55.5% on the rear.

The IE has an aerodynamic efficiency in excess of 3, which places it closer to that of an LMP2 race car than a proper GT road car.


To maintain exclusivity, we will only build one sole batch of 10 units of the Apollo IE, each to the highest degree of customization requested by its owner.

We offer a unique opportunity for our clients to partake in the fine tuning development process of the IE and the development of the future Apollo cars from the beginning. IE owners will be invited to accompany Team Apollo to private testing sessions. This bespoke and personal experience allows IE owners to see what goes on behind the scenes during the development process of a new car and have the opportunity for their input play a role. A privilege only a select few in the world can claim.



5.066 mm
1.995 mm
1.130 mm
2.700 mm
Front Overhang
1129 mm
Rear Overhang
1237 mm
Front track
1678 mm
Rear track
1640 mm
Curb Weight
1250 kg
Weight distribution - Front
Weight distribution - Rear:
Minimum distance from ground:
110 mm in normal setting / 60 mm in race-mode
Distance from ground “lifted”:
160 mm (electro-hydraulic actuated, possible only below 60 kph)


Center carbon fiber monocoque with carbon fiber crash boxes
Rear frame
Carbon fiber structure
Wheels & tires - Front (Road)
Forged Aluminum BBS rims 20" Michelin Sport Cup2 tires 265/35 R20
Wheels & tires - Rear (Road)
Forged Aluminum BBS rims 21” Michelin Sport Cup2 tires 325/30 R21
Wheels & tires - Front (Track)
Forged Aluminum BBS rims 18” Michelin slick tires 300/680
Wheels & tires - Rear (Track)
Forged Aluminum BBS rims 18” Michelin slick tires 310/710
Front brakes
Brembo Carbo-Ceramic 380 mm disks – 6 pistons Caliper
Rear brakes
Brembo Carbo-Ceramic 380 mm disks – 4 pistons Caliper
Front suspensions
Double wishbone with pushrod and rocker Anti-roll-bar
Rear suspension
Double wishbone with pushrod and rocker Adjustable anti roll-bar
Suspension control system
Suspension control system Bilstein dampers on front and rear axle, adjustable by driver (Comfort, Sport, Auto)
Vehicle lifting system
Electro-Hydraulic lifter controlled by driver. Can raise the vehicle height by 50 mm up to 30 kph
Service lifting system
Pneumatic quick-lift system with 4 air-Jacks for easy pit-service operations
ABS and ABS Maps
10 ABS setting levels selected by the driver (from less intrusive – high friction roads & sport driving - till more intrusive – wet condition and safe driving). The selection is indicated on “ABS Map page” on main Display (Track use only).


V12 – 6.300 cc
Max power
780+ Hp at 8.500 rpm
Max. engine Torque
760+ Nm at 6.000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity
90 liters (26,4 Gallons)
Engine maps
3 engine Maps-modes selected by the driver: Wet, Sport, Race – The selection is indicated on “Engine Map page” on main Display
Traction Control
12 traction control levels selected by the driver (from less intrusive – high friction roads & sport driving - till more intrusive – wet condition and safe driving). The selection is indicated on “Traction Control page” on main Display


Exterior panels
All carbon fiber panels, with Twill 4x4 visual carbon lacquered (optional).
Rear wing
High efficiency “spoon rear wing” twin elements, adjustable flap (± 8°) connected to air scoop through a “whale-tale” carbon structure
Front splitter
High downforce splitter with lower Jabroc-wood skid plates
Air foils with adjustable inclination and adjustable dive planes
High end aerodynamic devices to increase downforce with high efficiency
Side sill fins
Double aerodynamic side sill fins to improve cooling efficiency


Carbon fiber shells, pads seating concept tailored to the customer/ driver. (Standard racing seat optional).
Steering Wheel
Quick release, racing type steering wheel. Covers in carbon fiber, handles upholstered in leather/alcantara. Commands on steering wheel. Apollo paddle-shifts in Ergal
Main display
Main high-resolution color display 12”
Secondary touch display
5” touch display roof mounted. Includes controls of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Windshield defrost, interior LED light control, date & time
“INIZIO” start lever
The Intensa Emozione will start by pulling the “INIZIO” (begin in Italian) lever in anodized Ergal
FIA Mono-cell Carbon Roll-over Protection
Driver and passenger are protected in case of roll-over by a carbon mono-cell roof structure that exceeds FIA safety requirements.
Fire Suppressant System
Features full fire suppressant safety system in both interior and engine bay that can be manually activated by the occupant(s) in the event of an emergency via a two-phase interior switch system.


Max speed
335 kph
Acceleration 0-100 kph
2.7 s
Max Lateral g-force
Aerodynamic efficiency
Cz/Cd > 3.0
Side sill fins
Double aerodynamic side sill fins to improve cooling efficiency
Aerodynamic downforce (total)
1350 kg at 300 kph
Aerodynamic downforce (front)
44.5% (600 kg at 300 kph)
Aerodynamic downforce (rear)
55.5% (750 kg at 300 kph)